Seaparks' Global Distribution Plan

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In order to better meet the needs of global customers, we plan to carry out investment promotion activities around the world. We will cooperate with local system integrators, equipment manufacturers and distributors in the logistics industry.Establish a sales network and after-sales service system to provide quality customer experience.

As a manufacturer of drum motor , we offer various cooperation methods in overseas markets, including joint venture, agency/distributor, and core component cooperation.

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In order to attract more excellent partners to join us, we will provide the following investment policies:

1. Price support: Provide competitive product prices based on order quantity and performance.

2. Training support: Provide regular training in product knowledge, market analysis, sales skills, and etc. to improve their business capabilities.

3. Marketing support: Provide marketing planning, advertising materials and other resources to assist in marketing promotion activities.

4. Technical support: Provide detailed product technical information and solve technical problems encountered during sales and after-sales process.

5. After-sales service support: Provide comprehensive after-sales service system to ensure customer satisfaction.

6. Regular evaluation: Conduct regular evaluation,excellent partners can get more supportive policies and awards.


* Kindly send us your project details and floor plan. We will quote for you within 24 hours!


Amroll Drum Motor--TM80A

TM80A asynchronous oil immersed drum motor,The design is based on the space limitation requirement of conveying equipment and the high efficiency application of transmission system.

Amroll Drum Motor--TM113A

TM113A asynchronous oil immersed drum motor,can be used for transmission system space, low noise and high power have special requirements of the transmission equipment, this product in the limited tra

Amroll Drum Motor--TM138H

TM138H asynchronous oil immersed drum motor.It is mainly used for belt conveying equipment with medium load,the effective power of its motor is up to 1. 10kW.The heavy design makes TM138H more suitabl

Amroll Drum Motor--TM165H

TM165H drum motor uses three-phase asynchronous motor. It is mainly used for belt conveying equipment with heavy load.With characteristics of strong shape, impact resistance and strong torque,it is th

Amroll Drum Motor--TM320HK

TM320HK drum motor is a heavy roller designed for conveying single heavy items or bulk materials.Its maximum power can reach 7.5kW and its speed can range from 0.62 to 2.88m/s.This kind of drum motor

Amroll Drum Motor-TM113F

TM113F asynchronous oil  immersed drum  motor,all stainless steel  material can  meet the strict requirements of sanitary and humid environment.This product meets the requirements

Driven Conveyor Roller Series M350

Suitable for handling and conveying paperboard,cartons,drums,or tires with a driven device,within the temperature range of-5°C~+40℃ .

Driven Conveyor Roller Series H395

The conveyor roller is used for conveying heavy materials such as containers, barrels, wheels, pallets, or steel containers. Suitable temperature range:-5°C~+40℃.

PowerRoller AM200

Used for driving unit handling conveyor systems,such as transporting cardboard boxes,material boxes,platens,or tires at normal ambient temperatures.Suitable for linear conveyors and small belt conveyo