Heavy-duty series

Driven Conveyor Roller Series H395

The conveyor roller is used for conveying heavy materials such as containers, barrels, wheels, pallets, or steel containers. Suitable temperature range:-5°C~+40℃.
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Sturdy structure:The roller has a particularly stable and sturdy structure,and the chain wheel is made of steel and permanently welded.

Multiple drive types:Multiple chain wheel heads are available,and you can choose to use chain or tangen tial chain drive between the rollers.

Side  loading:The end of the Tube is designed with a rounded shape,which allows easy loading of materials from the side,and eliminates axial force through ball bearings and seals.



Tube Data:φ80x3mm,φ89x3mm,material is Q235B or stainless steel 304
Shaft Data:φ20mm,material is 45#or stainless steel 304
End cap Data:High-strength  nylon  material
Bearing Data:6205RZ,material is bearing steel or stainless steel
Processing technology:Internal and external threads,milling,surface knurling,punc hing,etc.

Drive  mode:10B15T,10B 18T,double chain wheel.



Load capacity

Ø Tube
Ø Shaft
Installation Method Maximum static load (kg)for installation length (mm)
200 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000
φ80X3 φ20 Internal thread 500 500 500 500 450 345 270 220
φ89X3 φ20 Internal thread 500 500 500 500 500 480 380 305


Ø Tube/



Ø Shaft




Installation method


Dimensional relationship

φ80X3 φ20 6205-2R7 Internal thread RL=TL+9 EL=RL+62
φ89X3 φ20 6205-2R7 Internal thread RL=TL+8 EL=RL+62.5