The splendid conclusion and new chapter of China·Guangzhou 2023 LET Logistics Exhibition

March 12 , 2024

The China (Guangzhou) International Logistics Equipment and Technology Exhibition (LET 2023) has successfully concluded. As a company specializing in innovative design and lean production of drum motors, we are proud to have showcased our products and technologies at this important industry exhibition.

The Seaparks booth attracted the attention of numerous industry professionals and customers at the exhibition, who unanimously praised and appreciated our drum motor products. As representatives of the logistics equipment industry, we are committed to providing customers with more efficient and reliable solutions.


Driving the upgrade of logistics intelligence, showcasing product and technological strength

This exhibition is not only a demonstration of our product and technological capabilities but also a commitment to promoting the upgrade of logistics intelligence. We showcased a variety of products, including light-duty, heavy-duty, food-grade drum motors, as well as micro non-powered and micro electric drum motors. Through our strong professional technical capabilities and rich practical experience, we provided strong support for customers to achieve the upgrade of logistics intelligence.

A road to win-win development through cooperation
We conducted in-depth exchanges and cooperation with numerous industry partners and potential customers, discussing together the development trends and challenges of the future logistics industry. These exchanges provided us with valuable market insights and cooperation opportunities, further consolidating Seaparks' leading position in the industry.

Technological strength shines on the booth

We showcased the outstanding performance, reliability, and innovative design of Seaparks drum motors to customers. Customers expressed strong interest in our products and appreciated their potential in improving logistics transportation efficiency and reducing costs. Through interaction and communication with customers, we gained a deeper understanding of their needs and challenges. This will help us continuously optimize products and solutions to better meet customer expectations. We will continue to invest more in research and development and innovation, continuously improve the performance and functionality of Seaparks drum motors, and provide customers with better solutions.

Seaparks' drum motors have successfully operated on over 1 million conveying devices worldwide. These products are not only used in various industries such as airport baggage handling, security screening machines, express sorting, and food and pharmaceutical industries, but also exported to more than 40 countries and regions. In the core transmission equipment field, we proudly stand as a truly world-class supplier.


Let's jointly build intelligent logistics equipment

The successful closing of the exhibition not only represents recognition for us but also affirms the development of the entire logistics industry. As an essential component of the global economy, the logistics industry faces increasing challenges and opportunities. We will work together with industry partners to actively address these challenges and drive the industry's development and prosperity through innovation and technological advancement.


We extend our gratitude to the organizers and exhibitors for their efforts in the successful hosting of this exhibition, and we appreciate the attention and support from the audience. Seaparks will continue to dedicate itself to providing outstanding products and high-quality services, becoming a trusted partner for our customers.


The successful conclusion of the exhibition is just a new beginning. We look forward to collaborating with more industry partners in the future to explore new chapters in the logistics industry, promote innovative development in logistics equipment and technology, and make greater contributions to the prosperity of the global logistics industry.


The curtain has fallen on the exhibition, But this is not the end, Rather, it's a new beginning, Our story with you has just begun, Let's walk hand in hand, And create brilliance together!

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