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April 23 , 2024

Against the backdrop of carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals, the new energy vehicle industry is also facing an accelerated transformation. With increasing global attention to emissions reduction and environmental protection, the new energy vehicle sector, as a key area for future development, is confronted with greater opportunities and challenges. In this context, the importance of efficient and intelligent production lines becomes increasingly prominent. Tesla's success not only demonstrates its technological prowess but also provides new directions and impetus for the development of the new energy vehicle manufacturing industry.


The drum motor, a key player in the manufacturing of new energy vehicles!

Amid the rapid development of the new energy vehicle industry, with its diverse range of products and some yet-to-be-launched models, the drum motor (a conveying device) plays a crucial role in automotive manufacturing. Serving as an integral part of efficient and intelligent production lines, it acts as a reliable assistant for swift, precise, safe, and efficient handling and distribution of components. This contributes to enhanced production efficiency and quality while reducing costs and risks.


Revolutionary and Efficient New Solutions!

In this rapidly evolving manufacturing industry, efficient and intelligent production lines have become the new target pursued by the industry. To meet your urgent needs for future automotive manufacturing, conveying equipment plays a crucial role in the automotive manufacturing industry.

Especially under China's "14th Five-Year Plan" and the 2035 long-term vision, there is an emphasis on accelerating the application of key core technologies innovation in new energy vehicles. With the continuous growth of the new energy vehicle industry, the demand for more efficient and advanced conveying systems is constantly increasing.

During the process of automobile manufacturing, automobile components undergo various physical or chemical changes to obtain the desired shape, size, performance, and surface quality. In this process, efficient and reliable conveying equipment is essential.


Electric Drum Motors in New Energy Vehicle Manufacturing


Roller Conveyor

A roller conveyor consists of a series of cylindrical rollers connected by bearings, allowing them to rotate freely. The roller conveyor achieves the transportation of components through the rotation of the rollers or the force of gravity. This type of conveyor is characterized by its simple structure, smooth operation, easy maintenance, and relatively low cost. It is suitable for transporting flat, sturdy, and lightweight components, such as sheet metal parts, castings, and forgings.


Belt Conveyor

A belt conveyor consists of one or multiple belts made of materials such as rubber, plastic, or fibers, which possess a certain degree of elasticity and toughness. The belt conveyor is driven by motors to rotate the drums at both ends, enabling the transportation of components from one workstation to another. Belt conveyors are characterized by smooth operation, good flexibility, and low noise. They are suitable for irregular, slippery, or easily damaged components, such as plastic parts, rubber parts, and electronic components.


AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) Car


An AGV car is an unmanned, intelligent mobile platform capable of autonomously transporting components from one workstation to another based on preset or real-time path planning. AGV cars rely on sensors, navigation systems, control systems, communication systems, etc., to perceive, locate, plan, control, and coordinate their environment. AGV cars have strong carrying capacity, high flexibility, high degree of unmanned operation, and good safety. They are suitable for transporting components over long distances, through complex paths, and requiring flexible adjustments, such as car bodies, chassis, and assemblies.


Innovation Driving Progress, Providing Customized Parts for the Automotive Manufacturing Industry

At the recently concluded 18th Shanghai International Automotive Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition (AMTS 2023), we focused on showcasing high-quality conveyor equipment parts tailored for the automotive manufacturing industry. By offering a diverse range of products, including premium conveyor rollers and electric rollers for roller conveyors, belt conveyors, AGV cars, and other equipment, we aim to provide our customers with the backbone of efficient and intelligent production lines.

We remain committed to innovation and look forward to collaborating with our customers to create a more intelligent and efficient future for automotive manufacturing. We eagerly anticipate working with more customers to jointly shape a brighter future for the automotive industry.


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