Roller Conveyor Product Series: Drum Motor, Micro Electric Roller, TP80 Tray Drum Motor

April 24 , 2024

Reliability and Diversity, Roller Conveyor Series

Roller conveyor is a reliable material handling method validated through long-term practice, widely applied in logistics, production, and transportation fields. As a leading supplier of core transmission equipment, Seaparks is committed to providing comprehensive solutions for conveying equipment to meet the diverse needs of different industries and applications.


Roller Conveyor Line Products

We offer a diverse range of products for roller conveyor lines, including powered and non-powered conveyor rollers, micro drum motors, and TP80 tray drum motors.


Efficient and Accurate Powered Conveyor Rollers

Powered conveyor rollers feature high efficiency, speed, and precision. Whether for heavy or light materials, our powered conveyor rollers, when combined with electric conveyor rollers, can efficiently transport materials accurately to their destination.


It stands out with its characteristics of high efficiency, speed, and precision, capable of meeting various material conveying needs. According to customer requirements, we can provide customized designs to meet different load capacities, conveying speeds, conveying capacities, and environmental temperature requirements. We offer a variety of options for materials, lengths, diameters, and rotational speeds to ensure the best conveying results.

The various transmission methods of powered conveyor rollers (such as multi-rib belts, sprockets, round belts, and timing belts) make it a powerful tool for enterprises to achieve automation, intelligent production, and logistics transportation.


Small Space, Big Impact: Meeting Small Material Conveying Needs!

Our micro drum motor is a unique product designed specifically for unit handling conveyor systems. It features a compact design and highly efficient brushless DC motor, enabling efficient material conveying within limited spaces.

Whether it's electronics, small parts, or lightweight packaging, our micro drum motor delivers precise and stable conveying performance, meeting the needs of customers for small-scale material handling.


With its compact design and efficient brushless DC motor, it's suitable for unit handling conveyor systems. Whether it's electronics, small parts, or lightweight packaging, our micro drum motor provides precise and stable conveying performance. Its unique design allows it to excel in limited spaces, enabling efficient material conveying.


Powerful Drive, Smooth Operation: Effortlessly Navigate Logistics Conveyance!

The TP80 pallet drum motor is a robust driving device designed specifically for pallet conveying systems. It boasts high load-bearing capacity and reliability, performing exceptionally well in high-load environments. Whether in pallet handling at logistics centers, stacker systems in warehouses, or material conveying in production workshops, the TP80 drum motor efficiently and reliably completes tasks, ensuring the safe and smooth conveyance of materials.

The TP80 pallet drum motor is our powerful driving device tailored for pallet conveying systems. With outstanding load-bearing capacity and reliability, it adapts to various environmental temperatures. Featuring a dustproof and waterproof design, the TP80 drum motor ensures reliable operation even in harsh conditions.


Furthermore, its compact design enhances the overall structure of the equipment, meeting efficient space requirements while simplifying the installation process, providing convenience and flexibility.

With its high power, rated voltage, and frequency, as well as optional chain wheel sizes and synchronous belt pulleys, it can tackle various material conveying tasks, offering businesses efficient, stable, and safe solutions.


Innovation and Quality Service: Empowering Enterprises Towards Intelligent Production

Our roller conveyor product series has earned recognition and trust from numerous customers. We not only provide high-quality products but also offer comprehensive technical support and services, including selection, design, installation guidance, and debugging.

Our goal is to assist customers in achieving automated, intelligent production and logistics, enhancing production efficiency, and reducing costs. Whatever your needs may be, we are committed to providing you with the best roller conveyor solutions, driving your business development forward.

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