Seaparks was awarded as an advanced enterprise in the Chinese meat industry.

September 18 , 2023

The 2023 China International Meat Industry Week (CIMIW2023) was held in Chongqing from September 18th to 22nd. This grand industry event brought together top enterprises, experts, and decision-makers from the global meat industry. Tianjin Seaparks, as a supplier in the field of drum motors, actively participated in the event, sharing the contributions and achievements of drum motors in the meat food industry.


As an exhibitor at the Meat Industry Week, Seaparks showcased efficient solutions for logistics and conveyance in the meat food industry, attracting numerous attendees to visit our booth.

Moreover, we also showcased the advanced technology, performance, and application cases of drum motors, demonstrating to the attendees how this core conveying equipment contributes to improving production efficiency and quality in the meat industry.


Industry Exchange and Cooperation Opportunities

Tianjin Seaparks will actively participate in various activities during the China International Meat Industry Week, including conferences, exhibitions, and trade matchmaking, in order to establish closer connections with colleagues and partners in the industry and explore future trends and opportunities together.

Recognition as an Advanced Enterprise in the Meat Industry

It is worth mentioning that Tianjin Seaparks Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd. was honored as the "2023 Advanced Enterprise in the Meat Industry" during the 2023 China International Meat Industry Week.


This honor is a high recognition of our outstanding contributions and excellent performance in the field of drum motors and a testament to our unremitting efforts.

Seaparks' Outlook

Seaparks Electrical and Mechanical Company looks forward to expanding our influence in the meat industry by participating in the 2023 China International Meat Industry Week, providing customers with more advanced solutions for drum motors.

As a leading enterprise in the field of drum motors, we will continue to strive to provide excellent conveyor equipment and services to customers across various industries.


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