Superior Control Capability! Introduction to the New MRC2410 Controller

April 24 , 2024

Today we will introduce you to a powerful assistant for drum motors - the MRC2410 controller! It is designed as a control solution specifically for the AM200 series PR50, and its outstanding features will provide your conveyor equipment with greater control capability, enabling intelligent and efficient operation!


🚀 Powerful Feature One: Ultra-wide Input Voltage Range

The MRC2410 controller supports an ultra-wide input voltage range of DC18V-26V, suitable for various power supply situations, eliminating concerns about voltage fluctuations and ensuring stable output.


⚙ Powerful Feature Two: Multiple Protections, Safe and Reliable

The MRC2410 comes with a built-in brake resistor and features over-temperature protection capability. It not only provides overvoltage suppression included in the brake resistor but also protects hardware from damage. Additionally, it supports both NPN and PNP wiring modes, flexibly adapting to various interfaces.


🔢 Powerful Feature Three: Multiple Speed Control Methods

The MRC2410 offers two speed control methods. You can adjust the speed using a 15-speed dial switch or a 7-speed I/O terminal. It's simple and easy to use, meeting the control needs of different scenarios.


🔋 Powerful Feature Four:Comprehensive Power Protection

The input power supply reverse connection protection function effectively prevents equipment damage due to accidental operations. The MRC2410 also features overcurrent, overvoltage, overheat, overload, and undervoltage protection functions, comprehensively guarding your equipment.


💡 Powerful Feature Five: Intelligent Self-Recovery

No need to worry about faults! The MRC2410 has self-recovery capability. In case of faults such as blockage, abnormal speed, over-temperature, or overvoltage, it automatically resumes operation, ensuring the stable operation of your equipment.


🌀 Powerful Feature Six: Advanced Drive Mode

The MRC2410 adopts encoder feedback with FOC (Field-Oriented Control) mode, making motor drive more precise and efficient, giving your equipment ample power!


 Powerful Feature Seven: Flexible Speed Control

The MRC2410 supports analog speed signal input, allowing you to adjust the speed according to actual needs, easily controlling the operating status of the equipment.


🌡 Powerful Feature Eight: Wide Operating Environment

The MRC2410 operates normally in a temperature range of -5°C to +40°C and humidity range of 10-70% RH (avoid exposing it to high humidity environments prone to condensation to ensure equipment stability and safety). Additionally, it can withstand vibrations of less than 2G.


Whether you want to enhance equipment control capability or seek a more efficient motor drive solution, the MRC2410 controller provides powerful support. Let's experience the future of intelligent control together!

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