Under the epidemic: the quality improvement of express delivery services during Double Eleven, and its "behind-the-scenes" heroes.

March 05 , 2024

For over two years, the country's epidemic prevention policies have been continuously improved. For logistics, it is necessary to establish a comprehensive and unified emergency logistics guarantee system.

Emergency logistics, like ordinary logistics, consists of elements such as flow, carrier, direction, process, and volume, with spatial utility, time utility, and form utility.

In most cases, emergency logistics achieve their logistics benefits through logistics efficiency, while ordinary logistics emphasize both efficiency and benefits.

The development of the logistics industry

The king of the logistics industry


As the king of private express delivery, SF Express stands out due to its differentiated competition.


Its new title as a Fortune 500 company has elevated SF Express to a new level, allowing it to truly compete with world giants such as UPS, FedEx, and DHL.

Double Eleven express delivery logistics "final exam"

Under the epidemic, the Double Eleven promotion is unfolding vigorously on major e-commerce platforms. At the same time, express delivery logistics is also undergoing its annual test. In 2022, many express delivery companies have clearly recognized that the next stage of competition will focus on the improvement of express delivery service quality.

The epidemic starting in 2022 has had a huge impact on China's logistics industry, which can be divided into international logistics, domestic inter-provincial logistics, and urban distribution logistics based on coverage areas, and production support logistics and life support logistics based on coverage characteristics.

In terms of the optimization ability of logistics system resource allocation, its professional technical threshold is very high. With the recent support of digital technology and networked platforms, the logistics industry's system professionalism and demand for equipment selection are also increasing.

The core of internal logistics

Automatic sorting systems can continuously and massively sort goods with extremely low error rates, replacing manual operations with mechanized equipment, which significantly reduces costs, enhances efficiency, and improves accuracy. These systems generally consist of control devices, sorting devices, conveying devices, and sorting lanes. Conveying devices play an extremely important role in the automation of internal logistics.

Different from traditional conveying devices, drum motors

Different conveying devices have somewhat different requirements for sorting goods, such as packaging materials, packaging weight, and smoothness of the bottom surface.

Drum motors, unlike the complex combinations of traditional gearbox systems, integrate components such as motors and reduction gears into a sealed drum body. During operation, all core components are not affected by external conditions, making operation and performance more stable, safe, and efficient.

Tianjin Seaparks M&E Co., Ltd, as an international enterprise specializing in the research, production, and sales of small drum motors, focuses on the manufacturing of precision logistics equipment and is committed to becoming a leading global supplier of critical equipment for internal logistics.

Tailored solutions can be provided to customers based on different conveying tasks and space requirements.


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